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Let Your Visitors Grow Your Facebook Likes with your own branded Photo Kiosk

What Is The Like Of A Happy Visitor Worth To You?

  • You need a facebook community to be effective in social media
  • Your own kiosk will get you valuable Likes for your facebook business page from visitors to your venue
  • Visitors share their pictures with your branding, securing you even more Likes
  • The more visitors, the more Likes!
  • Kiosks are portable and operate 24/7 – sit back and watch your facebook community grow

How Does BeenThere Work?

  • Visitors pose in front of the kiosk and take their pictures for FREE
  • They visit your facebook page to view their pictures
  • They have to Like your facebook page in order to see their pictures
  • They share their pictures with friends via facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest … and many more
  • Pictures are branded with your logo and marketing message

BeenThere Is Easy To Use!


  • Visitors push one button to take a picture
  • Any person can use the kiosk
  • A Kiosk can take 1,000+ pictures a day
  • Simple, intuitive navigation to find a picture
  • Fast and easy Like of your facebook page and pictures

Some of our Clients


Live Pictures

The District
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The District
28 minutes ago

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The District
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